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Murrary Darling Basin Commision Australian National University

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Tumut Field Study: Notional Idea 3 – River Survey

adelong-cr10cm.jpgAdelong Creekgoobarragandra-r10cm.jpgGoobarragandra Rivermurrumbidgee-r10cm.jpgMurrumbidgee Rivernimbo-cr10cm.jpgNimbo creekpeak-r-1lr10cm.jpgPeak Rivertumut-r-annabranch10cm.jpgTumut River Annabranchtumut-r10cm.jpgTumut River

Tumut Field Studies: Notional Idea 2 – Seat Survey

adelong-seat10cmcont.jpgAdelong seatbrungle-seat10cm.jpgBrungle seatgundagai-seat10cmcont.jpgGundagai seatseat.jpgSnowyhydro seat 

Tumut Field Study: Notional Idea 1 – Catchment Survey

Blind Creek catchmentBlind Creek catchmentboonscrcatchment10cm.jpgBoons Creek catchmentbrunglecrcatchment10cmcont.jpgBrungle Creek catchmentgoobrcatchment10cmcont.jpgGoobarragandra River catchmentkillicrcatchment10cm.jpgKillimicat Creek catchmentmurbrcatchment10cmcont.jpgMurrumbidgee River catchmentnimbocrcatchment10cm.jpgNimbo Creek catchmentsandycrcatchment10cm.jpgSandy Creek catchmenttumutrcatchment10cmcont.jpgTumut River catchment

Gold Reef Battery Adelong NHT Share Certificates Draft 1

National Heritage Trust draft Share Certificates designed from partial photographic documentation of the Gold Reef Battery heritage site, Adelong, NSW, Saturday 5 April, 2008. The $20 denomination has been used for these test certificates. Eventually, a range of denominations will be designed and released for purchase at the Tumut Field Study exhibition in Tumut and Adelong in August, 2008. The National Heritage Trust is a fine artwork. It is a not-for-profit trust established to raise and distribute funds to assist artists to produce work inspired by places of heritage value. The Trust began trading at the EcoForum 08 Conference at the Gold Coast in February, 2008.


Visual Ideas to be Developed


Ancient Mountainlr.jpg Caption: John Reid Little Big Rock. Notional Idea No1 – Perceptual (one act) plays. Comment: Searching for images that present a perceptual play. In this instance visually connecting a solitary rock to the horizon line so that it reads as a distant peak that extends to a bolder in front of the viewer. Suggesting the proposition that the rock is the residue of an ancient mountain in an ancient continent. A survivor, just beside the road, of a remarkable geological process.

RockScanWeb.jpgCaption: John Reid Goobarragandra Gallery. Notional Idea No2 – Reconfiguring objects in space.Comment: Combination of scanning and lens distortion to create a composite visual experience not available in real life. In this case even the real life cultural experience is illusive and fleeting.

Goobarra Valley 07lr.jpgCaption: John Reid Goobarragandra Valley. Notional Idea No3 – Revelling in the light of the Goobarragandra Valley.Comment: Light play on physical forms and vegetation detail is the substance of the aesthetic experience walking in the Goobarragandra Valley.


Goobarra R 4lr.jpgCaption: John Reid Goobarragandra River. Notional Idea No4 – Affirmatory images of the Tumut region rivers.Comment: Visual documentation of these natural assets is important.

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