Wednesday 12 March

8.00 am     Meet Front Entrance, SoA, ANU

8.30 am     Depart SoA, ANU

11.15 am     Tumut Region Visitors Centre, Tumut
Mark Lees, Visitor Services Manager

12 noon     Tumut River @ Old Bridge Park, Tumut
Tim Smith, NSW Department Water and Energy

1.30 pm     Orchard, Batlow
Gene Vanzella

3.30 pm     Riverglade Wetlands, Tumut
Cherie White, Riverina Highlands Landcare Network

6.00 pm     NSW NPWS Camping Ground
Thomas Boyd Trackhead, Hume and Hovell Walking Trail
Goobarragandra River

Thursday 13 March

8.00 am     Meet Duncan Watt Forests NSW @ Trackhead
Plantation Forest Tour 4-5 hrs

2.30 pm     Aunty Soni Piper and Aunty Marg Burg, Aboriginal Elders
Meeting at Brungle

6.00 pm     Showcase Exhibition / Web Launch
The Connection, Tumut
EV Project Outline
Introduce Participating Artists
Meet Tumut Community

8.30 pm     Artist Supper Invitation

Friday 14 March

8 am         Matt White Natural and Historical Heritage / Goobarragandra Valley
4WD vehicles – 8 places available

2.30 pm   Snowy Hydro Talbingo Power Station Talbingo Township
Talbingo Mt / Journama Creek Tour

Saturday 15 March

6.30          Light Aircraft flights / TBC
Ultra $75 per half hour. St. line range approx 80km (ie Talbingo and back)
Micro (no windows) $75 per half hour. St. line range approx 45km
(ie Blowering Dam + some Reservoir and back)
Can take any route.

Sunday 16 March

6.30           Light Aircraft flights / TBC