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Charles Tambiah is part of the Engaging Visions Research Team at The Australian National University and an ARC Researcher with the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS) at ANU.  He undertook the research to evaluate aspects of the community and their interactions with Field Studies, focusing on interviewing members of the community where EV was conducted and coordinating exit surveys from the community exhibitions presented by Field Studies during the EV project.

Charles was also a participating photographer in Field Studies and contributed to the exhibitions presented in the EV locations as well as in Canberra.  He co-authored the Engaging Visions book (2010) and the Engaging Visions Guide (2010).  This contribution in photography links with his ongoing research at CPAS, which focuses on the nexus between Science and Art.  In this role Charles links research with practice, specialising in Science Photography.  He collaborates with other scientists exploring ways that science-art can contribute to productive processes, new knowledge and creative dialogues.

With an international research background in wildlife management, conservation geography and community participation, Charles has over 20 years of experience in over 15 countries.  He has developed field-based training programs and co-taught courses in several countries.  His publications include the topics of marine turtle research and conservation, community engagement and participation, ecotourism, conflict resolution, art and the environment, and research methods and management.  During this past research, Charles used science photography as a critical research and communication tool.  His science photographs are used and published internationally in research, education and science communication, and have been exhibited in Australia and the USA.

Having joined ANU in 2002, Charles previously managed the ARC Linkage Projects and Environmental Grants portfolios at the ANU Research Office.  He was also the Manager for Strategy and Research Facilitation with the ANU Institute for Environment.  He continues to provide strategic planning and facilitation services to a variety of programs and divisions of the ANU, while building on active research and practice collaborations with several other universities in Australia.