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carolyn.jpgCarolyn Young has worked as a natural resource scientist for the past 15 years predominantly at the state level. She is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy in Visual Arts (PhD) at the Australian National University. The general aim of Carolyn’s thesis is to research the relationship between natural resource management and the visual arts, with particular focus on the photographic medium. Carolyn plans to engage with scientists and landholders to produce art based on healthy ecosystems that are poorly represented in nature reserves and within art. Her dissertation will look at effective procedures for enabling visual artists to engage with local communities on natural resource management issues. The research results from the dissertation will feed into the ‘Engaging Visions’ project.

A selection of Carolyn’s artwork

Remnant Belah Woodland # 2, 2007, 68 x 79 cm, Type C photograph


Jordans Bend, Goulburn River 2006, 80 x 60 cm, Type C photograph


Subterranean Termites, Rangelands NSW, 2007, Digital Scan


Bundock Creek near Gunnedah NSW, 2004, 94.4 x 112.4 cm, Type C digital print


Wollombi Creek, Hunter Valley NSW, 2005, 37 x 30 cm, Digital Archival Print