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Murrary Darling Basin Commision Australian National University

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‘Oranges in the Mallee’

Test shot for ‘Oranges in the Mallee’ installation.

Test shot for \'Oranges in the mallee\' installation

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Day 5

Remnants of fencing on salt Lake, Calperum Staion.

Artist Jess Surlice on salt Lake, Calperum Station.

Salt encrusted stump, Calperum Sation.

Artist Jess Surlice retrieves paper among the Red River Gums, Calperum Station.

Jess and Fran retrieve Jess’ paper, flattened onto the bark of a Red River gum.

Jess and Fran return to Calperum Station.

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Day 4

John Reid and Kevin document preliminary works of artists for web production.

John Reid is interviewed by Win Television in the McCormick Center of Environmental Studies for a profile on the Engaging Visions Project in Renmark.

Win Television cameraman grabs some vision of the Engaging Visions Team in the McCormick Center for Environmental Studies.

Artist Fran Ifould examines the shearing shed at Oak Bore, Calperum Station.

Bottle in shearing shed, Oak Bore, Calperum Station.

Abandoned tray used for builing dams,Yubalia Hut, Calperum Station.

Yubalia Hut, Calperum Station.

Interior of Yubalia Hut, Calperum Station.

Artist Dorothy Noble examines the Dugout,Yubalia Hut, Calperum Station.

Tree, Calperum Station.

Land erosion on Dam near Yubalia Hut, Calperum Station.

Artist Dorothy Noble collects clay from the Dam wall near Yubalia Hut, Calperum Station.

Artist Fran Ifould an Calperum Sation manager Grant are reflected in the evaporating waters of Dam on Calperum Station.

Artists Jess Surlice and Judy Greenfield explore the Dam wall.

Formations on the Dam wall.

Artist Fran Ifould puts ink to paper in the Calperum Station Mallee.

Artists Fran, John, Kevin, Jess, Judy and Dorothy obseve the setting sun through burnt Malle on Calperum Station.

A contrail stretches through the burnt Mallee on Calperum Station.

Artists Carolyn Young photographs burnt Mallee on Calperum Station.

Sunset, Calperum Station.

Artists Elaine, Dorothy, Fran and Robin Banks relax around a camp fire on Calperum Station.

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Day 3

Baby, Berri Tip

Rusted Boat Hull, Berri Tip

Circular irrigation, Riverlands

Aerial of Murray River in the Riverlands.

Rubbish heap in ploughed paddock, Riverlands.

Edge of Lake Bonney, Barmera.

Flooded Gums, Lake Bonney, Barmera.

Arial of Riverlands watercourse.

Circular crop, Riverlands.

Orange Groves, Berri.

Winery, Berri.

Floode Gums, Riverlands.

Edge of Lake Bonney, Barmerra.

Tractor, riverlands.

Wisteling Kite over River Murray boat cruise.

Artist Jess surlice on River Marray boat cruise.

Artists Kevin, John, Jess and Judy aboard River Murray boat cruise.

Day 2

Murray River Cliffs nearĀ  Swan Reach

Dry Murray River watercourse near Swan Reach.

Bag of Carp, Blanchetown.

Jetty, Mannum

Tyre, Mannum

Blanchetown fishermen.

Blanchetown fishermen.

Snails, Swan Reach

Tinseli Horse, Waikerie

Rural Graff, Waikerie

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