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How do I contribute to the website?

To contribute you must be either an artist involved with the Engaging Visions project or a member of the participating community.

How do I get a username and password?

To get a user name and password you need to email

How do I log in?

Navigate to the project you are involved in:

St. George


Click on the Login button in the top right of screen. Then enter your username and password.

How do I contribute to the Project Diary?

After logging into the project you are involved in (ie. Tumut) you will see a screen called the Dashboard. This screen contains all of the options needed to interact with and contribute to the website content. Here are some steps you can follow to add a post to the Project Diary:

1. Login

2. Choose ‘Write a post’


3. Give you post a title


4. Write your post


This is the area to write your post, it is also the are to add your images to.

5. Adding images to your post


Use the inbuilt image uploader to add images to your post, be sure to scale your images to a maximum of 450 pixels wide before uploading them. The image uploader is located beneath the post area of the page. To upload an image, click on browse to find the image (located on your computer) which you would like to add to the post. After selecting the your image, click on the upload button. Once the image is successfully uploaded you will be presented with some options:

6. Adding an Image to your post (Part Two)

Once your image is successfully loaded into the system you will be presented with the following options:


The Show options determine how the image will appear in your post, in most cases you should select Full size.

The Link to options determine what your image will link to, in most cases you should select None.

What is the Difference Between Tags and Categories?

A category is a table of contents for your blog posts, segregating your posts with grouped like-content.

A tag is an index word that helps you micro-categorize your blog posts. Tags are also keywords and search terms people use to search for the content and subject matter of your post. They are specific to the post content but can be used repeatedly to micro-categorize your blog post content.