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Murrary Darling Basin Commision Australian National University

Complete Archive for “St. George”

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St George Catalogue

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Field Survey: Day 6

Day6 02

Day6 01

Carolyn joins Dean for an orientation flight over St George area. Photos:JR

Day6 05

St George resident textile artist, Dorothy Clews, talks about her recent work. Photo:JR

Day6Coolabah LH's Property

Liz Hill’s revered Coolabah tree. Photo:JR

Day6Mr Hill

Liz’s husband at work. Photo:JR

Day6 04

Carolyn Young at work. Visit. Liz Hill’s property.

Day6Possible Venue 03

Day6Possible Venue 02

Day6Possible Venue 01

Empty Webster’s Food Store. Potential exhibition venue. Photos:JR

Day6 03

Carolyn Young and Dean Sewell, checking out main street, St George looking for possible exhibition spaces. Photo:JR

Field Survey: Day 5

Day5 07

Dean Sewell at work near Myall Park. Photo:JR

Day5Myall Park Bot Garden Vol Workers

Myall Park Botanic Gardens. Volunteer gardners. Photo:JR

Day5 03

Day5 04

Surat, north of St George. Photos:JR

Day5 06

Day5Balonne River 01

Day5Balonne River 05

Balonne River bank, near Whyenbah Bridge. Photos:JR

Day5Balonne River 04

Balonne River, view south from Whyenbah Bridge. Photo:JR

Day5Whyenbah Bridge

Whyenbah Bridge, Balonne River. Photo: JR

Day5Balonne River 03

Day5 01

Day5Balonne River 02

Balonne River, early morning, en route to Whyenbah Bridge. Photos:JR

Field Survey: Day 4

Day 4 01

Dean Sewell investigates cotton tank near St George. Photo JR

Field Survey: Day 3

Day 3 01 Balonne R

Balonne River. View downstream from Beardmore Dam near St George. Photo:JR

Day 3 03

Day 3 02

Day 3 04

Dean Sewell documentation field location. Photos:JR

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