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Snap shots; Lake Mokoan 19.8.09

01 Camp lr

Benalla Field Studies. Mokoan Yacht Club temporary camping site, Field Trip 2

02 Tea lr

Lake Mokoan Yacht Club. Temporary camping site, Field Trip 2

03 LM Evening lr

Lake Mokoan from Mokoan Yacht Club

Snap shots: 20.8.09

06 Tarp lr

Communal tarpaulin, Camping Site, Mokoan Yacht Club

05 Dean@work lr

Dean Sewell at work, Lake Mokoan

07 Claudia lr

Claudia Botrell’s field journal

09 Claudia lr

Claudia Botrell’s field journal

08 Claudia lr

Claudia Botrell’s field journal

10 Com Meet lr

Artists and Benalla community meet at the Benalla Art Gallery to review work in progress inspired by the Benalla Field Study

11 Aria-Tony lr

Aria Stone (centre), Tony Dibley (left), perform ‘Corridor’ composed by Aria and inspired by the Regent Honey Eater Conservation Project at the Artist / Community Meeting, Benalla Art Gallery. David Donehue, who wrote ‘A Variety of Visions’ (See post 3 September) is 3rd from left.

Snap shots: Strathbogie Range, East Lima 21.8.09

14 Eve-Fran@work lr

Eve Crocker and Fran Ifould at work

17 Eve's work lr

Eve’s work in progress

16 Fran's work lr

Fran’s work in progress

15 Brendan@work lr

Brendan Taylor at work

18 Helen@work lr

Helen Braund at work

13 Sasha-Paul-Rachel lr

Sasha, Paul Mosig and Rachel Peachey at work

20 Helen as M Poppins lr

Mary Poppins at work

Photographs: Marzena Wasikowska 31.8.09

Marzena Wasikowska’s night time photographs of the landscapes around Benalla

01 Benalla Factory lr

Monsbent Pty Ltd Particle Board Factory, Benalla

02 Benalla Emissions lr

Emissions, Benalla

10 Wangaratta Emissions 01 lr

Emissions, Wangaratta

12 Albury Emissions lr

Emissions, Albury

06 LM Night Lights Benalla lr

Benalla emission, viewed from Lake Mokoan

07 LM Night Lights Glenr'n lr

Wangaratta emission, viewed from Lake Mokoan

04 Road 01 lr

Lake Mokoan Road, Chesney Vale, near Benalla

03 Shed 01 lr

Shed, Chesney Vale, near Benalla

05 Shed 02 lr

Shed, Chesney Vale, near Benalla

‘A Variety of Visions’. David Donehue

An assessment of a day’s bus trip around the Samaria Park and the Toombullup and Strathbogie Ranges with David Donehue and Neale Cleeland from the Department of Sustainability & Environment.

Approached we were by ANU
By John and Charles and Dean
Blokes from up ‘round Canberra way
Three blokes we’d never seen.

The plan they said was drive down here
And bring a heap of students
And seek some help from DSE
We thought it would be prudent,

A good idea to show our home
Our place of work or play
The beauty of our North East hills
Of where we choose to stay.

Not being from an arty past
And talent fairly poor
I wondered what they’d come to see
Of what they’d sketch or draw.

Neale and I have worked together
And watched our forests change
Years of drought have slowed our creeks
And mountain fires rage.

We planned a trip around the bush
Of things we should be showin’
Steering clear of Grey Crowned Babblers
And a drying Lake Mokoan.

A convoy left with all onboard
To head for Tiger Hill
And stories of a logging history
And timber for the mill.

Ryans Creek at Madhouse Road
And photos of the stream
A single shot that pierced the Armco
Had the ghost of old Ned been?

The Kelly tree and board surround
A place to stop and rest
From the line outside the dunny door
The toilet block was best!

Further travel, nearly lunch
Across Samaria Park
Comparisons of things observed
Assess the light and dark.

Olive moss and whitened bones
Trees with years of history
Art is what a person sees
With some to me a mystery.

Past the kilns and through the bush
And into Moorngag valley
The wonders of the Broken River
Much more than I can tally.

South along past Lightning Ridge
To stop at Nillahcootie
The dry dam wall, exposed depth gauges
But still a thing of beauty.

Shaley bits of slatey rock
And rusted iron signs
Exposed because of years of drought
A lowered water line.

James Reserve at Lima East
More moss and water and rocks
Aging Blue Gums, lanceolate leaves
Imposing Granite outcrops.

I know not what will be produced
By this varied gender class
But we will see their true reward
As time and tide go past.

The grandeur of our North East landscape
A vision for all to see
Be proud of what you have on show
At Benallas Gallery.

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